Fei Junlong

Fei Junlong

China National Space Administration

Nationality Chinese

Date Of Birth 1965-05-05

Status Active

Type Government

Astronaut Biography

Major general Fei Junlong (simplified Chinese: 费俊龙; traditional Chinese: 費俊龍; pinyin: Fèi Jùnlóng; born 1965) is a Chinese military pilot and an astronaut. He flew on the second manned spaceflight of the Shenzhou program. Fèi was selected for the CNSA astronaut program in 1998. He was in the final five selected for the Shenzhou 5 flight. He was the commander on the Shenzhou 6 flight that launched October 12, 2005, with Niè Hǎishèng serving as flight engineer). They landed on October 17, 2005.

Fei Junlong's Launches

Long March 2F | Shenzhou-6

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
Jiuquan, People's Republic of China
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