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Welcome to Go4Liftoff; your one stop eco-system for keeping track of and keeping up to date with both upcoming and past events in the world of spaceflight and space exploration. We track all orbital launches and most popular sub-orbital launches, including, but not limited to those from, SpaceX Rocket Lab, NASA, ULA, ROSCOSMOS, ISRO, Blue Origin and Arianespace. All of the products within the Go4Liftoff eco-system are in active development and we are constantly searching for the best way to keep you up to date with events in the world of spaceflight by presenting you with an abudance of information in an easily digestible way. We also provide you with filters to allow you to only see the information you are most interested in.

Who we are

Jacques Rascagneres

Owner and Lead Developer
Software Engineer by day. Jacques gained a love for spaceflight after seeing STS-124 launch on a family vacation, since then he has followed the spaceflight industry with a particular interest in SpaceX (I mean SpaceX right?). Currently involved in numerous projects (https://github.com/JRascagneres) with my main one, of course being, Go4Liftoff.

Arnaud Muller

Senior Staff and Graphics Designer
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering MSc student, gamer, tech enthusiast, self-taught Python developer and graphic designer.


The Go4Liftoff eco-system currently consists of two main components: the Go4Liftoff Server and the Go4Liftoff Android Application.
The Go4Liftoff server contains the website, discord bot, twitter bot and the notifier which is responsible for sending out Android notifications. The Go4Liftoff server side is written entirely in GoLang but is written in a way which allows each part of the server to run seperately. At present all of the server components run on a Digital Ocean VPS.
The Go4Liftoff Android App is written in Java and is fully native.

Meet Our Partners

The Space Devs

The Space Devs is the main partner of Go4Liftoff, as it is the source of all the data used across our ecosystem. The Go4Liftoff team is a part of its development and librarian staff since its establishment.

Launch Library 2

The Go4Liftoff ecosystem currently sources its data from the Launch Library 2 API, which is powered by The Space Devs.
The API is a collaborative tool to which the Go4Liftoff team actively contributes to by participating in the development of the code and infrastructure as well as keeping its database up to date.

Spaceflight News API

The Go4Liftoff ecosystem currently sources its news articles from the Spaceflight News API, which is powered by The Space Devs.

Contact Us


You can email us at [email protected]


You can join on Discord server using the link on the right hand side. This method is the most reliable.


We can be sent a message to @go4liftoff on twitter.

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