Leanne Caret

Successful Launches 1

Failed Launches 1

Pending Launches 0

Agency Description

Boeing as a space agency has recently provided NASA with assistance on sending humans to the ISS from American with both their construction of the CST-100 Starliner crew capsule and their work on the SLS Avionics to return to the moon and beyond. Their ventures in GPS satellite systems and Tracking and Data Relay Satellites provide information about earth-orbiting craft to stations on the ground. They also enable research on the ISS and will be helping with the construction of the Lunar Gateway.

Rocket Configs

Delta III

Height 35.00 Meters

Max Stages 2

Mass To GTO 3810 kg

Liftoff Thrust 4889 kN

Diameter 4.00 Meters

Mass To LEO 8290 kg

Liftoff Mass 301 Tonnes

Launch Success 1

Consecutive Success 1

Maiden Flight 1998-08-26

Launch Failures 2


Spacecraft Configs

CST-100 Starliner

Maiden Flight 2019-08-17

Active Yes

Human Rated Yes

Height 5.03 Metres

Diameter 4.56 Metres


Maiden Flight 2010-04-22

Active Yes

Human Rated No

Height 8.92 Metres

Diameter 4.55 Metres

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